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Flair Event Models

Flair Event Models was incorporated in early 2007 at a time when Nichols & Associates, Inc. saw the need for a fresh look and a new approach to the emerging 'high profile' event market. High profile events are those that require an ambassador with special skills or training, including sales or modeling experience. These aren't your typical in-store sampling events. High profile events are carefully crafted promotions usually geared toward a very specific customer demographic. Clients want their product or promotion represented by someone who's image and personality draws in the targeted consumer. Flair Event Models is managed by a youthful, energetic and technically savvy team that understands and thrives on cutting-edge marketing trends. They can design, staff, and manage any unique or unconventional high profile event in any part of the country. With an agile and dynamic approach to event management, coupled with Nichols & Associates' 25 + years of staffing and marketing experience, Flair Event Models is truly ready for any project.

For Clients

If you want Flair Events to provide your product or event with the high profile staff it deserves, contact us at 1 (800) 441-4553. Or you can e-mail us at We can provide you with the competitive edge. Please visit our website at